Creative Storage Solutions

Web-based Storage Account Management System

Creative Storage Solutions

Creative Storage Solutions (CSS) is Arpin’s innovative storage program designed to effectively manage your transferees’ storage lots across multiple continents to eliminate cost overlaps and maximize efficiencies and reporting. CSS’ integrated network effectively expands your company’s global contract logistics platform and streamlines the daunting task of managing numerous supplier contracts. We are agile, flexible, and can adapt our systems to integrate seamlessly across multiple platforms.

CSS offers a full suite of services resulting in immediate benefits to our clients including:

  • Decreases administrative processes and overhead costs by reducing the number of storage locations in each locale to drive efficiency and consistency.
  • Improves buying power, measurement standards, and budgeting accuracy by establishing fair market pricing to achieve cost control and savings.
  • Negotiates simple, effective agreements with all suppliers to enhance service, reduce costs, and ensures that your company’s moving policy is being enforced.
  • Performs physical audits of warehouse locations to ensure that your transferee’s household goods are stored in safe, secure facilities.

The scale of CSS’ purchasing power allows it to approach warehouse space suppliers throughout the world for volume discounts, which in turn are passed on to our clients. In fact, a leading multinational energy company stated, “The CSS program has helped us to achieve global success by driving efficiencies throughout our global storage volume. This program has resulted in the company receiving a direct savings of over $500,000 in the first 18 months since its inception.”