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Chinese Customs’ Regulations Update

March 23, 2010

We have been informed that beginning Friday March 19, 2010, Shanghai customs authorities will inspect ALL import and export air freight shipments for literature considered to be defamatory, critical, or subversive towards China and its government. Though not specified, we believe that any literature concerning the Dalai Lama, Xinjang riots, the Tiananmen Square incident, Tibetan emancipation, Taiwan independence, as well as general criticism(s) of China will be included in this sweeping regulation.

Chinese Customs’ regulations already ban subversive literature, narcotics, weapons, and pornography but this new, intensified ‘crack-down’ on defamatory literature has been recently implemented in advance of the six-month long World Expo, which will open in May of this year.

Unlike the many new customs regulations introduced ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games, this new enforcement does have potential ramifications for individual shippers. If such literature is discovered in the shipment, the Chinese authorities will prosecute that shipper. What penalty will be handed down is still unknown, but it will certainly cause delays in the import or export of the shipment.

Please be fully aware that Arpin International Group will not be held responsible for any costs/fines and delays placed on a shipment by Chinese customs authorities in regards to the above, nor will we be held responsible for penalties or fines that may be handed down personally to the shipper.

To negate the impact of this regulation, we are recommending that you inform your clients not to include such defamatory or critical literature in their air shipments.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local Arpin Group representative.