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Important News Regarding Qatar Sanctions, Montreal Port Congestion, and Japanese National Holiday

March 12, 2019

News Alert: Update on Qatar Sanctions

Please find below an update on the Qatar sanctions situation in relation to your employees’ household goods moves.

Since the sanctions were announced between Qatar and UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt in 2017, the only legal and compliant solution for shipping between these countries has been to ship the effects back to the home country, unpack, repack, issue a new bill of lading and packing list, and rebook for export to Qatar or countries listed above.

Recently, there have been conflicting news reports issued in the media (see links below) and we wanted to ensure our clients are kept abreast of the updates.

There was a bit of excitement for a brief moment that the shipping laws had eased between the UAE and Qatar, however after having confirmed with DP World and their media releases online, there is no circular issued by them stating this is factual and acceptable.

Your Arpin service team will continue to keep you posted if there are any changes announced which are proven factual.


News Alert: Port of Montreal Experiencing Extreme Congestion Levels, Implements Surcharge

All cargo arriving at / moving via the port of Montreal, Canada, will now be issued a port congestion surcharge due to continued disruption of the St. Lawrence River maritime traffic, harsh weather, driver shortage, and on-deck dwell times. The following fee is applicable until further notice:

Port Congestion Surcharge: USD 4.00 w/m (Min. USD 4.00)

*Please note that this surcharge is in addition to the Ocean Freight charges, not to the FOB or Post Landing charges i.e., if a shipment moves as Ocean Freight prepaid, then the surcharge will be payable at origin as well. If the shipment moves Ocean Freight collect, then the surcharge will be payable at destination.


Service Interruption Alert: Japanese National Holiday April 29 – May 6 and Imperial Succession

This year, April 29 to May 6, the Japanese national holiday period called “Golden Week” and the succession of Crown Prince Naruhito to the throne will interrupt shipment delivery times. Naruhito’s father, Emperor Akihito will abdicate on April 30 and the Crown Prince will enthrone as the new Emperor on May 1.  This falls during “Golden Week” as well, which is a period of multiple holidays within the span of April 29 – May 6 in Japan. Most public authorities, customs offices, harbor companies, and many general companies will be closed during this time.

If a client wishes to deliver an inbound shipment before the long holiday, please make sure it arrives by the following target dates:

Sea Shipment: ETA Yokohama CY/CFS: April 15, 2019

Air Shipment: ETA Tokyo Narita Airport: April 22, 2019

Please do not arrange for any shipments to arrive during the following dates:

Sea Shipment: April 19, 2019 – May 7, 2019

Air Shipment: April 24, 2019 – May 7, 2019

Even if a shipment arrives in Japan during the above dates, the release request to the air forwarder/sea forwarder will not be processed and will not receive import clearance with Japanese customs.

As a consequence, we are expecting long backlogs at the airports following the extended holidays. We are advising customers with import or export shipments in Japan to prepare for delays as well as additional port storage, demurrage, and various other charges which may be assessed.

Your Arpin service team is aware of all shipments that may be impacted and will make arrangements to ensure appropriate parties are kept informed of any potential service disruption.