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News Alert: Qatar And Hurricane Harvey Situation Updates

August 30, 2017

Three months have passed since the neighboring countries of Qatar imposed a blockade in Qatar due to concerns over regional destabilization. Since that time, all commercial and other movement between neighboring countries have been on hold. Consequently, delays in transit have occurred, and the Port of Salalah or Sohor from Port of Hamad are being utilized instead of Jebel Ali. Delays regarding vessel ETA / ETD are in fluctuation and have resulted in biweekly sails. Commercial movements via Oman are also considerably delayed, as well as delayed clearance in Hamad port Doha.

Port congestion due to vessel delays have resulted in port demurrage and container detention, which may result in additional charges being assessed. Affected clients and parties involved have been notified. Due to blockade of road transport via Abu Samra border, the seaport movement has considerably increased and has contributed to the delays and congestion. The coverage clearance time frame has increased from 4 to 6 days to 10 to 12 days.

New Process:

To continue to facilitate moves in and out of Qatar we have adopted the following process, which involves shipping the effects to the home country of the shipper, clearing them there and paying duties if necessary, and then booking for re-export to Qatar. Progressing in this way results in the new bill of lading listing the origin as the home country in lieu of the sanctioned country, which may alleviate import issues. Re-packing for export from the home country is recommended, as the new shipping documents and bill of lading will not show the sanctioned country. It is unknown at this stage if Qatar Customs will have an issue with seeing cartons with the sanctioned country mentioned on it.

Your Arpin service team is aware of all shipments that may be impacted and will manage the expectations of our clients and the relocating families to the best of our ability.

Hurricane Harvey Update

For almost a week, Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical storm, has forced southern-state residents to evacuate their homes due to flooding and businesses to close temporarily. As the storm currently shifts to the Louisiana area, Texas shelters are at high capacity. Harvey has produced record rainfall from a single storm anywhere in the continental United States, with a top reading of 51.88 inches. The nation’s largest oil refinery, along with about nine others, has been temporarily shut down due to such high water levels. By Wednesday evening, Harvey will weaken and become a tropical depression.

Your Arpin service team will continue to monitor the situation and implement individual contingency plans as necessary.