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Port Infrastructure Surcharges – Australia

January 21, 2020

We have been informed by our supplier partners in Australia of regularly increasing terminal handling charges, one payable to the shipping line, and another called “infrastructure charges” or “terminal access charges” payable to the Port Terminal Operator. These charges are currently being levied directly on cargo importers or exporters and do not form part of the DTHC or OTHC payable to the steamship line.

Australian movers and other importers and exporters are protesting against these charges and have been seeking government intervention to address the uncontrolled additional imposts as movers are forced to absorb charges normally paid to steamship lines as part of the OTC/DTHC and recoverable from overseas shippers. In Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, additional charges of AUD150 have been reported.

Unfortunately, our supplier partners have been forced to pass along the additional port infrastructure and terminal bookings charges to their overseas mover partners, as without payment of these charges, they have no alternative way of moving or accessing cargo through the ports.

Consequently, we are informing clients of these rising pass-through costs which may be incurred. Arpin International Group will remain transparent and provide all documentation issued by the steamship lines, terminal operators, and supplier partners as appropriate.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Arpin International Group representative.