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Severe Weather Conditions Forces The Closure of The Port of Durban in South Africa

October 11, 2017

Severe weather conditions forced the closure of the Port of Durban. The storm caused three large vessels, including the containership MSC Ines, to run aground and block the entrance to the port. In addition, many smaller boats are adrift, causing Durban’s Transnet National Port Authority to close the port to vessel and rail traffic due to safety concerns. Tugboats and the marine service team are assisting in emergency recovery efforts and the port has put into action its Business Continuity Plan to monitor the situation on a 24-hour basis until normal operations have been restored.

Based on the expected storm track, the Port of Richards Bay will also be impacted. Consequently, we are advising customers to prepare for delays. Additional charges may also be assessed for port storage, demurrage, and various other charges on a case-by-case basis.

Your Arpin service team will continue to monitor this situation closely and will do everything possible to minimize delays and manage the expectations of the relocating families to the best of their ability.